Use Corporate Events to Give Your Brand an Identity

Use Corporate Events to Give Your Brand an Identity

If you’ve been struggling to get your brand off the ground or ‘noticed by the right people,’ chances are that you may not be giving it the attention it deserves – by means of various corporate events. However, this doesn’t have to stop at just attending corporate events. You can even hire your own dedicated brand ambassadors in New York to assist you with this process. Below are some points to consider when planning your brand-building corporate event.

  1. Venue

When organizing a corporate event, it’s essential that you don’t simply book the first venue that you can find. While companies that provide staffing services in NYC will take the price of a venue into consideration when planning your brand-building event, there are many other factors that they will not only consider, but handle on your behalf from start to finish as well. These include the venue’s overall level of accessibility, ambience, location and the various services or amenities that are provided alongside it.

Brand ambassadors in New York will look for a range of other amenities in your chosen venue, including whether kitchen facilities are available (if refreshments or snacks are being served), what type of lighting is present, whether audio visual (AV) facilities are available in the event of presentations needing to be made and if there is a clean-up crew included in the cost of the venue hire or not.

  1. Promotional Models or Brand Ambassadors

Another great way to help give your brand the identity it deserves is to hire promo girls or models to mingle with guests at your corporate event. While many people think that models at corporate events are ‘just a few pretty faces to have around,’ this is not the case. These individuals are often the first point of contact that potential clients will have with your business because they can be used to provide them with basic information about your business, while also creating engagement between clients and products. Using models to interact with potential clients and anyone else who is present at your corporate event will also provide you with the time to attend to other important tasks.

  1. Promotional Products

While your promo girls mingle with the crowd at your next corporate event, they can hand out a range of promotional items and products to attendees. When organizing and ordering promotional products, don’t just have your company details printed on heap pens, caps or coffee mugs. Dare to be original and hand out USB thumb drives, phone screen cleaners or even a mini laptop mouse with your info on. These will at least be items that will be used by attendees and not just dumped in the first trash can they see.

If you would like to plan a corporate event to give your brand a much-needed boost and you aren’t sure where to start, we can provide you with a range of staffing services in NYC. Contact our offices today to find out more about the services we offer.

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