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Keeping on the Right Path: Mistakes to Not Make When Hiring an Event Staffing Service

Mistakes to Not Make When Hiring an Event Staffing Service!

Events come in all sizes and types. From golden anniversary celebrations to conferences attended by thousands, there will be the need to hire event staff. The trick is to find the right service and ensure they can provide all of the support needed. Here are some issues that can be avoided by choosing the right service.

The History of the Service

What sort of events has the service successfully supported in times past? While there are agencies that have an established track record of handling everything from small gatherings to major events held in stadiums, drill things down a little more. Specifically, how much experience does the service have with the type of event you are planning? Avoid firms with little to no experience with similar events and focus on ones that understand your needs to the letter.

How They Screen Staff

The right event staffing service will be perfectly transparent with their methods for screening employees. It pays to ask about the standards they set for the people who will be working at your event. Do they have to possess a certain amount of experience? What about their backgrounds in general? Knowing how staff are selected for your event makes it easier to trust that those choices will serve you well.

Special Requests are Not a Problem

One of the ways that you can torpedo your own event is to not talk with the service personnel about any special needs that must be considered. Do some of the guests have special dietary needs or preferences? How about accommodations at the tables for those with limited mobility or other physical issues? Even little things like making sure the staff are circulating through the main gathering areas and offering trays of food or drink before the mail meal must be worked out in advance. The right service can take these and other special request in stride and come up with the perfect solution.

To Tip or Not To Tip

Always inquire about the policies and procedures related to tipping. Some event planning services discourage this practice since they already compensate their employees well. Others have no hard and fast rules, meaning it’s left up to guests to tip or not tip. Proactively seeking this information makes it easier to pass on to the guests in a discreet manner, and prevents any embarrassing situations from arising between guests who insist on tipping and staff who could get in trouble by accepting those tips.

Those Pesky Payment Arrangements

Different services have their own policies for receiving payment. Some will require a certain amount up front, with the remainder due either at the end of the event or within a specified period afterward. Before sealing the deal, make sure there is no confusion about what will be paid when.

Never hesitate to ask the team at the event service anything that comes to mind. The right service has heard everything before and will have an answer ready. In the end, taking care of details up front makes for a wonderful time for everyone who attends and works at the event.

Our company guarantees your satisfaction if you order corporate event staffing – our managers will do their utmost to make your event blissful!

Invite Models to Be Your Brand Ambassadors

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