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Event Staffing in the United States: Brand Ambassadors

What is the best way to promote your brand? One of the most effective ways is by using a brand ambassador. A brand ambassador will wear your company’s logo and represent you at events, trade shows, or other public events.

This type of marketing tactic can be very cost-effective in comparison to other options like TV commercials or magazine ads. In this blog post we’ll discuss what event staffing in the United States entails as well as how hiring a brand ambassador could help increase visibility for your company!

The United States is home to many diverse cultures and lifestyles, which can make it difficult for brands to reach all of their target audiences. Brand ambassadors are the perfect way to promote your company with a more personal touch.

There’s been a significant increase in event staffing as businesses seek out new ways to market themselves through an emotional connection rather than relying on impersonal tactics like TV commercials or magazine ads. As a result, event staffing is quickly becoming one of the most popular marketing tactics in America!

So How Does Event Staffing Work?

Event staffing in the United States usually entails hiring experienced ambassadors or models to represent your company at an event, trade show, or other public events. For example, if you’re launching a new product line and want more visibility for your brand, then you might hire some people as “brand ambassadors” who would wear t-shirts with your logo on them while they’re walking around outside.

From small an intimate events, to nationwide marketing campaigns, event staffing can be a cost-effective way to reach more people and get your brand in front of new audiences.

Curious where you can utilize them? Anywhere from guerrilla street marketing, trade shows, influencer events, fashion shows, and so much more.

In such a saturated market, customers are exposed to thousands of brands every day. Emotional marketing campaigns like event staffing can help you make an emotional connection with your customers.

That emotion could be happiness, excitement, intrigue – the possibilities are endless! Evoking an emotion in your customers can help drive more sales, and event staffing is a great option for this!

Not sure how to use event staff during the pandemic?

As the pandemic continues in America, we’re learning more and more about how to use event staff for maximum effectiveness. One important consideration is utilizing brand ambassadors to uphold proper safety protocol on site for events.

Brand ambassadors can make sure guests are distancing, wearing proper PPE, and sanitizing. This is a great option for events that are expecting a high volume of guests, like trade shows, during these unpredictable times.

If you’re interested in hiring event staff or brand ambassadors to represent your company at an event, then contact us today! We specialize in providing the best quality service when it comes to event staffing and we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your event is successful!

From New York, to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and so much more, we staff all across the United States. Our sister agency Femme Fatale Media staffs all across Canada.

Still wondering if hiring event staff is right for you? Contact us today and we’d love to chat! We offer free consultations and we’re here to help!

Staffing for luxury events

Staffing For Luxury Events

Luxury events are a huge part of the hospitality industry. They can range from weddings, corporate events, or parties for individuals. All of these types of celebrations require staff to help ensure that they are successful and enjoyable for all guests that attend. This blog post will discuss how you can find the best staff possible for your luxury event staffing needs by following a few simple steps!

Staff for luxury events can vary depending on the type of event. For example, weddings often require catering staff, guests RSVPing, and food service. Corporate events may need wait staff to serve drinks or bartenders for alcohol service. Parties typically require a combination of the two with servers also serving as hostesses when needed. The you have marketing activations, commercials, trade shows and more, all requiring top talent to make sure the event is perfect. The type of event can help you determine what types of staffing is necessary so that your event goes off without any hitches.

To Get Started:

– Determine what type of event it is and what you require for staff at the event.

– Consider the size of your event. Is it a small party with 20 guests or is it an extravagant corporate event?

– Make a list of what types of staff you need and start to look for people who can fill those positions.

Best Practices:

– Know your price range and determine which tier is best for you. The pricing can vary depending on the expected size and scope of your event, as well as how many days are required.

– Find a luxury event staffing agency that caters to the niche; ie catering, waitstaff, bartenders, marketing activation experts etc.

– Make sure the staffing agency, and their talent, are well versed and experienced with testimonials to prove it. When working on luxury events there is no room for error. When looking at potential candidates, always be sure to make note of their experience. Ideally, you want people who have experience in your type of event specifically and also know the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes. For example, with an elaborate corporate event that requires bartenders for drinks service, a candidate’s resume wouldn’t be considered if they only had catering experience as their cocktail skills would not be up to par.

– Hiring yourself without an agency? Include all this info in your job listing to attract the best candidates for your event.

At Promotional Models NYC, we do our part by hiring a diverse range of staff that have experience in many different areas so that they can be prepared when called on anytime during the year! We are always looking for people that are passionate about the hospitality industry and want to help make our clients’ events successful every time. We staff all across the United States and our sister agency, Femme Fatale Media, staffs across Canada. Contact us today to learn more.

Event Staffing Agency in NYC

High-End Event Staffing Agency in NYC

It’s not easy to find a high-end event staffing agency in NYC. You want someone who is reliable and can help you with all of your event staffing needs, from bartenders to waiters and everything in between? If so, then we’re the right company for you! We have been providing great service since 2009.

Our sister agency is the award-winning Toronto, Canada based event staffing agency Femme Fatale Media. With a combined roster of over 20,000 event staff we have the capability to provide you with anything from bartenders and waiters to runway models, trained catering staff, alchohol service sommeliers, photographers and more!

We are the leading event staffing agency in NYC and we have a team of experts that will help you find the perfect staff for your next event. We have worked with some of the biggest brands and organisations in the world from Google, Porsche to Grey Goose. We provide great service for our clients because we truly care about their event as much as they do!

What makes us different?

– High level of customer service

– A team made up of experts in every area who will work with you from start to finish and create a package that is perfect for your event.

– We have been around for over ten years, so we know what works best!

– We have a large roster of experienced event staff so we can accommodate any budget.

– We are more than just a staffing agency, we’re also an event production company with a communications sister agency.

The brainchild of serial entrepreneur Emily Lyons, the award-winning event staffing agency in NYC was born out of her personal need to find professional staff for an exclusive party she threw back when she still lived in Toronto. She needed bartenders and waiters but couldn’t find anyone good enough so with a little help from friends, they all ended up volunteering. It was a huge success and she knew there had to be an easier way. Emily started Femme Fatale Media and then Promotional Models NYC and the rest, as they say, is history!

Whether you’re having glamorous event in Manhattan, or a laid back soiree in the Hamptons, we’re the people to call. Contact us at 646-452-9396 or info@femmefatalemedia.com to learn how our team of experienced, professional and attractive event staff can turn your event into a memorable experience.

Enjoying the blog? There’s more! Check out our sister company, Femme Fatale Media in Toronto Canada at femmefatalemedia.com or contact us to learn how we can help you create your next event.

Emily Lyons Top Canadian Entrepreneur

Meet Our Founder and CEO, Emily Lyons!

Promotional Models NY is the sister company of Femme Fatale Media, one of the world’s top promotional modelling companies with its home base in Toronto, Canada. The company was started by the indelible Ms. Emily Lyons and her improbable success story has now inspired thousands of people around the world. 

From high school dropout to serial entrepreneur, podcaster, author and philanthropist, Emily has travelled the road of hard knocks – keep an eye out for her upcoming book for the full story! Emily is the middle child of three children; both her siblings were born with the terminal disease Cystic Fibrosis and Emily was spared. At 16 she dropped out of school and for a long time lived working multiple minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet. Her life changed when her sister Julia (who sadly passed in 2011) gifted her an entrepreneurial book about turning your passions into a profitable business. It was unusual for Emily to read through the many books her bookworm sister sent her, but she tore through this one. Her one passion? Promotional Modelling. Emily had been working as a promotional model as a side hustle for many years and it was the first job she was passionate about. 

Emily Lyons

Something about the book her sister gave her ignited a fire within her and she decided then and there that she was going to start her own promotional modelling company; the fact that she had $80 to her name, people told her it wouldn’t work and she had no business experience wasn’t going to stop her! What she did was work, and work tirelessly. Through many trials and errors, step by step, Femme Fatale Media was born. The death of her sister occurred when she had just started the business, and the devastating loss near totalled her. Emily’s is a story of perseverance through unthinkable grief and endless hurdles both inner and outer. 

The first few years of her business, she doesn’t think she slept – she did all the work herself (website, blogs, gigs, hiring, payroll, you name it) and through her creativity and insanely hard work, the company began to skyrocket and achieve international fame. Now Femme Fatale Media offers not only promo models but brand ambassadors, experiential marketing, event staffing and marketing and public relations. 

Realizing she was a born-entrepreneur, through happenstance experiences, she launched her other companies: True Glue Beauty (a completely clean makeup brand), Lyons Elite (an elite matchmaking company), JWLS (a luxury watch company with all proceeds going to a foundation in honour of her sister Julia Lyons), and began a successful podcast all about entrepreneurship and business. On top of all of this, she hosts a wildly popular room on Clubhouse meant to inspire and uplift, often starts campaigns to raise money for cystic fibrosis research and has more businesses in the works. She’s truly unstoppable. 

Promotional Models NY and Femme Fatale Media are still her “first children,” and is very active in constantly ensuring they are impeccable. Besides her businesses, her three dogs are her absolute obsession. So find her on her IG, LinkedIn, make a connection and let her work her magic for your upcoming event!

Booking Event Staff - Find Your Perfect Team

Booking Event Staff – Find Your Perfect Team

Are you looking for event staff? Event planning can be a stressful job and hiring the wrong team could make it worse. This blog post will give you tips on how to find your perfect team of professional event staff that will help you plan an amazing party! It goes over many different aspects such as finding the right venue, creating a budget, and catering services.

The first thing to consider when hiring event staff is your budget. You want to make sure that you have enough money for the entire party- including venue, catering services, and everything else! Estimate how much it’s going to cost before you go into negotiations with a potential vendor. Then take what remains of your allotted funds (after you’ve paid for the aforementioned party essentials) and divide it by the total amount of hours that your event will last. This is how much each person needs to be compensated- this includes hostesses, brand ambassadors, bartenders, bussers, wait staff, coat check attendants, guest list screeners,…

The second thing to consider is the type of venue that you can afford. You want to make sure that your staff will be comfortable in their surroundings and won’t have any problems navigating around during the party, so it’s always important to hire a good event staffing company with experience working at this specific location. Try Googling “name of venue” and “event staffing” to see if any of the companies that pop up are a good fit for you.

The third thing to consider is what type of party experience your event guests want- do they enjoy dancing? Then make sure there’s enough space for people to move around with an open floor plan, or would they prefer mingling and chatting? Then you’ll want to have a venue with more intimate spaces. If you have hostesses, request out-going ones that can encourage guests to get out on the dance floor! Want to set the theme? Get some themed professional dancers!

The fourth thing to consider is the experience level of your potential event staff- if there are any special requirements like certification, then make sure that they fulfill these before hiring them. You don’t want someone who’s never worked at an event before serving alcohol or cooking food!

Make sure whatever event staffing agency you do decide to go with has great reviews, a long standing business, a large roster of event staff!

hostesses models nyc

Hiring Hostesses for Your Next Event

Are you hiring staff for your next event? You should consider hiring hostesses. Hostesses are great for any type of event, from a small gathering to something much larger. Not only do they help with the organization and management of other personnel, but they also act as an ambassador for your company or business. They have been trained in social skills and etiquette so that they can represent your brand well while still being friendly and engaging with guests at the same time. Plus, there’s no need to worry about hiring people who don’t show up on time or who will miss work!

How do you find great hostesses?

Hostesses, like other hiring staff, can be found on the website of a staffing agency. A good hiring agency will have information about what they offer and how to contact them for more details about hiring hostesses or any other type of personnel that you need.

What should you look for when selecting a staffing agency?

Before hiring an agency, you should look for one that has experience in the event industry. You also want to make sure they have a current license and liability insurance. What’s more, a good staffing company will offer hostess training as well as ongoing support when your employees start working onsite with you.

How much do event staffing agencies hire?

If hiring event staffing is your goal, you should know that the average hourly rate for hiring a hostess ranges anywhere between $15-$45 per hour. Rates depend on the hours, locations, what the hostesses are required to wear, and duties performed.

How do you get the most out of your hostesses?

The staffing agency that you work with will be able to provide details on what they offer for hostess training. But, in general, you want to make sure your hostesses are trained in the following areas:

-How to greet and welcome guests!

-How to interact productively with other staff members and attendees.

-Dressing appropriately and following company guidelines, being a great representation of your business.

-Maintaining good communication with their agency and management, ensuring targets are being hit.

-Continually learning about new things, including events and promotions that you want to promote at your event.

What are staffing agencies like?

Staffing agencies will be different depending on what they offer. You can find staffing companies focused solely in hiring staff for one type of event, like hiring staff for a trade show or hiring staff to work at a music festival. Other staffing companies focus on hiring personnel in general and have hostesses as one of the types that they offer.

How can you find which type is best?

You should talk with an expert from the hiring agency about what they specialize in before making your hiring decision.

Looking for more information on hiring hostesses for your next event? Contact our team today and we would be happy to help.