Staffing For Luxury Events

Luxury events are a huge part of the hospitality industry. They can range from weddings, corporate events, or parties for individuals. All of these types of celebrations require staff to help ensure that they are successful and enjoyable for all guests that attend. This blog post will discuss how you can find the best staff possible for your luxury event staffing needs by following a few simple steps!

Staff for luxury events can vary depending on the type of event. For example, weddings often require catering staff, guests RSVPing, and food service. Corporate events may need wait staff to serve drinks or bartenders for alcohol service. Parties typically require a combination of the two with servers also serving as hostesses when needed. The you have marketing activations, commercials, trade shows and more, all requiring top talent to make sure the event is perfect. The type of event can help you determine what types of staffing is necessary so that your event goes off without any hitches.

To Get Started:

– Determine what type of event it is and what you require for staff at the event.

– Consider the size of your event. Is it a small party with 20 guests or is it an extravagant corporate event?

– Make a list of what types of staff you need and start to look for people who can fill those positions.

Best Practices:

– Know your price range and determine which tier is best for you. The pricing can vary depending on the expected size and scope of your event, as well as how many days are required.

– Find a luxury event staffing agency that caters to the niche; ie catering, waitstaff, bartenders, marketing activation experts etc.

– Make sure the staffing agency, and their talent, are well versed and experienced with testimonials to prove it. When working on luxury events there is no room for error. When looking at potential candidates, always be sure to make note of their experience. Ideally, you want people who have experience in your type of event specifically and also know the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes. For example, with an elaborate corporate event that requires bartenders for drinks service, a candidate’s resume wouldn’t be considered if they only had catering experience as their cocktail skills would not be up to par.

– Hiring yourself without an agency? Include all this info in your job listing to attract the best candidates for your event.

At Promotional Models NYC, we do our part by hiring a diverse range of staff that have experience in many different areas so that they can be prepared when called on anytime during the year! We are always looking for people that are passionate about the hospitality industry and want to help make our clients’ events successful every time. We staff all across the United States and our sister agency, Femme Fatale Media, staffs across Canada. Contact us today to learn more.

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