Hostesses Can Help Create the Ambiance Your Party Needs

Hostesses Can Help Create the Ambiance Your Party Needs

You are charged with planning an event to honor a visiting client. Since this client happens to represent a sizable amount of the company’s monthly revenue, nothing can be left to chance. One of the smartest moves you can make is relying on the help of professionals to ensure that the party goes off without a hitch. That includes hiring one or two NYC hostesses who can oversee the actual event. Here are some of the ways they will help.

That Professional Touch

It’s no coincidence that fashion models often serve as hostesses. The amount of poise, self-discipline, and general attractiveness that goes along with being a model goes a long way toward making any event a success. Someone who is so used to functioning in social situations can help a host who feels less than comfortable to relax and know that everything will be fine.

An Eye for Detail

A professional hostess knows all there is to know about putting together a party. That’s to your advantage, since you have never undertaken a project of this magnitude. The hostess can aid with such tasks as planning the layout for the party space and helping you hire event staff that are ideal for the type of party you have in mind. Whether the plan is to hold a formal event or go with something casual, the hostess will know what must be done, where everything should be, and what it takes to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Greeting the Guests

During the actual party, your hostess will be focused on making sure every person who comes through the door is properly greeted. That includes making sure coats are taken, guests are announced, and no one is in doubt about where the food and drink can be found.

While one hostess is taking care of the entrance, another hostess can be circulating through the room and making sure each attendee is comfortable and having a good time. That includes being sensitive to people who may feel a little awkward and could use help getting into the swing of things. An astute hostess will sense the discomfort, make some introductions, and possibly start a conversation that soon has everyone involved chatting away and having a wonderful time.

Managing the Staff

The right hostess will know how to discreetly make sure the wait staff is keeping the bar stocked and that the food circulating through the space is replenished without anyone having to do without. If a formal dinner is part of the event, the hostess will know how to signal for the next course to be served even as she ensures the flow of conversation continues at an even pace.

Don’t attempt to go it alone when the time comes to plan an important party. Contact a professional professional agency and arrange for one or more hostesses to be part of the preparations for the evening. Doing so will ensure all goes according to the plan and that special client will remember the event fondly for many years to come.


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