A Great Party Starts With a Great First Impression

A Great Party Starts With a Great First Impression

Have you decided to host a corporate party or branding event, but aren’t sure where to get started or what you’re going to need for it to be a tremendous success? If so, it may be a good idea to enlist the help of highly experienced and knowledgeable event staff or even NYC hostesses to help ensure that your event goes off as smoothly and memorably as possible. Below are 3 points to consider when planning events like these.

  1. Make Use of Attractive and Personable Hostesses

One of the best ways to ensure that your corporate party or branding event is a huge success is to outsource the planning to those in the know, such as professional event planners. As part of your package when hiring them, you will be able to opt for having some attractive fashion models in NYC being present to meet and greet with attendees and special guests.

The models need not only be a set of pretty faces doing the rounds, mingling with everyone and handing out drinks; they can help promote your brand in various way at the same time. After all, most people are more inclined to remember an event like this if they were interacting with someone attractive than if they were just left to make small talk with other guests.

  1. Use a Range of Interactive Displays

These days, party goers and attendees at corporate events don’t want to be invited to events where they will just have to sit around and watch a PowerPoint presentation about a new service or product; they want to actually have something physical to do and be involved in the event. As a result, interactive kiosks have become more commonplace than ever at these events because they enable attendees to interact directly with content on a screen.

Interactive displays or kiosks can be something as simple as a photo booth displaying recent company events, team building days or product releases or they can be as in-depth as a fully customized game, task or activity that attendees can work with.

  1. First Impressions are Crucial – Pay Attention to Front Entrance Décor

As the old saying goes, ‘First impressions are lasting,’ and this certainly rings true for corporate parties and events as well. When hiring professional event staff or experienced NYC hostesses to help plan your event, this aspect will be taken very seriously. They will go to great lengths to ensure that your guests are ‘wowed’ by what they see – to the point where they are drawn inside to see what is happening. Although front door décor should be attractive and eye-catching, corporate event planners will ensure that it is not over the top in any way.

When hiring the services of corporate event planners, you have the option to work with fashion models in NYC to act as hostesses for the duration of the event. Contact our experienced and professional team today to help ensure that your next party is one that attendees will be sure to remember.

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