These 5 Tips Will Make You an Event Staffing Pro!

These 5 Tips Will Make You an Event Staffing Pro!

When charged with the task of hiring staff to cover an event, it pays to know what you are doing. Ultimately, the right staff will ensure that everything goes smoothly and those in attendance have a great time. While you may be a little unsure of how to go about managing the task of event staffing to best advantage, these five tips will help you pull it off and emerge looking as if you’ve been handling staffing for years.

Including Traits Like Personality and Education in the Job Description

While there are different skills needed for various tasks during the event, it pays to look beyond things like knowing how to carry a serving platter or opening a door. Always include specifics about what type of personality those who will be circulating among the guests must possess. Ideally, you want people who are outgoing, find it easy to talk with strangers, and can keep a smile on their face no matter what.

In terms of education, it helps to have someone who knows how to speak properly, grasps any jokes or casual conversation that the guests make, and in general knows enough about the world to not become ruffled by any topic that may arise. This is especially important if some for hosts and hostesses who are at the event to serve as brand ambassadors for a specific company. Everything they say or do must convey a positive image of that business.

Experience Will Tell

There are times when taking a chance of someone with less experience is fine. At other times, it will be the kiss of death. When talking with an agency about staff, be clear about the need to only assign people who have worked similar events and know what they will be expected to do. That will make it easier to brief them on the specifics of this event and know they can handle their assignments with ease.

A Cohesive Staff

It’s not enough that everyone knows what they are supposed to do. Every person who will be working at the event must be able to cooperate with one another. Make sure everyone knows how to function as a team and not as a collection of individuals. Should something unexpected arise during the event, a cohesive staff will come together, handle the issue, and make sure the bulk of the guests never know about the crisis.

Additional Staff is a Must

There is no such thing as having too many on staff. Always go over the details for the evening and make sure there are at least 10% more staff on hand than you think is necessary. Rest assured those additional staff members will find ways to make themselves useful. The wisdom of this approach will be readily apparent if an important guest wants to have a prolonged discussion with one of the company ambassadors and someone else needs to be near the point of entry to greet newly arrives guests.

Use the Entire Budget

When the plan is to build a brand, don’t leave money on the table. This is not the time to cut corners. Use it all and make sure the setting, the staff, and every other detail is perfect.

Start the planning today by checking into options for hostesses in NYC and go from there. It won’t take long to come up with the right plan for staffing and know that everything will work out fine.

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