Brand Ambassadors Get the Job Done at Unilever’s NYC Beauty Conference

Brand Ambassadors Get the Job Done at Unilever’s NYC Beauty Conference

Widely known as a global entertainment and lifestyle agency, United Entertainment Group recently looked to Promotional Models NYC to handle its event needs for the 2016 PC Scale Annual Conference. In typical Promo Models NYC fashion, we immediately responded with three top-tier brand ambassadors.

United Entertainment Group, headquartered in Metropolitan Tower in Manhattan, recently hosted a beauty conference for the towering global brand that is Unilever. The aim of this beauty conference? With an eye to appealing to major influencers in the beauty space, Unilever gathered around 100 beauty and lifestyle editors – think Vogue and Men’s Health, as well as heavy-hitting bloggers – to reveal just what the Unilever portfolio has to offer to the cosmetics-loving public (the Unilever conglomerate, by the way, is parent to brand names as diverse as LUX and Dove).

Taking place in Montauk, on Long Island, the conference lasted for 4 days – from November 1 through Nov. 4. So what, exactly, did our ambassadors do at this conference?

The three brand ambassadors carried signs as they walked the editors to and from all the event locations – the theatre, the spa, and the salon. Each shift, every brand ambassador was assigned a position and a particular group of editors.

In addition, the brand ambassadors provided key information to the editors – such as how to get back from each location to the lunchroom or main entrance. They also directed the editors to their bus so as to ensure smooth transportation of the editors to new locations off-site. And, to top it all off, a brand ambassador was always present at the Unilever Lobby Counter to hand out essentials like granola bars, water, tic tacs, hair elastics, phone chargers, and more.

This conference was a hit for the editors and our client. With charming, skilled brand ambassadors to steer the conference goers in the right direction, both United Entertainment Global and Unilever benefitted from Promo Models NYC’s high-caliber talent.

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