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Hire Models for Creative Events

Hiring models for your next event can be a great way to make the occasion more memorable and exciting. Not only will they attract attention, but they may also help you promote your brand or business too. Hiring models is not as expensive as you might think – in fact, it’s quite affordable!

So what are the benefits of hiring models?

  1. They can attract attention at your event or company function. Promoting your brand, business, and products in a unique and fun way that will have attendees remembering you! From a crowded trade show, to a festival, you will stand out from competitors!

  2. They make the occasion more memorable and exciting for those in attendance! Hiring models is an affordable way to make a lasting impression on attendees at any type of event.
  3. They can increase sales on site. Having models at your event will incentivize attendees to buy products or services on site. Guests are more likely to make an impulse purchase when they’re having a good time!

  4. Hiring models is one way you can stand out from competitors and draw attention in the crowded market of events.
  5. You’ll be remembered as that company who went all out to make their event memorable for everyone in attendance.

  6. Social media posts and photos from your event are sure to go viral with a few models in attendance. Look at our former model Kelleth Cuthbert who went viral at The Golden Globes as the Fiji Water Girl! If you also hire models with large social media followings you can capitalize on increased social reach and promotion.

  7. Achieve diversity at your event by hiring models of different heights, sizes, ages and ethnicities.

Conclusion: Hiring models for your next event can be a great way to make the occasion more memorable and exciting. From a crowded trade show, to a festival, you will stand out from competitors! Hiring models is an affordable way to make a lasting impression on attendees at any type of event. They can increase sales on site. Contact us today to book engaging, professional and beautiful models for your next event, fashion show, commercial, product launch, marketing campaign and more!

Event Staffing Agency in NYC

Event Staffing New York City: Hire the Right Staff and Build a Successful Event

Looking for event staffing in New York City? Whether you are a wedding planner, party organizer, or just need to staff an event with employees, we can help. Our company is dedicated to helping those who need temporary workers and event staff to be successful. We offer high quality service that will make your life easier and ensure that your events run smoothly.

Why do you need to hire the right event staff?

It can be difficult to find the right event staff, but when you do, hiring them will make your life a lot easier! If done correctly, it will allow you to delegate responsibilities and tasks among employees. It also saves time on researching different workers or trying negotiations with potential labor suppliers because we take care of all those for you!

What type of event staff do we offer?

Everything from brand ambassadors, sales staff, promotional models, specially trained individuals, dancers and more. We are able to provide you with a variety of professionals, all at different price points.

What is the process for hiring event staff?

Hiring quality event staffing can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming; luckily, we make it simple! When you request services from us, our team will ask for details about your specific needs as well as your target with the staff.

We have been doing this since 2009 and it has allowed us to build a team of experts who know what they are doing when it comes to hiring the right people on short notice. If you want more information about our services or how we can help you plan your next event, contact us today!


Brand Ambassador Benefits For Your Brand

A brand ambassador is a person who promotes a company’s goods or services by representing the company. They are often involved in public relations and marketing campaigns, as well as more traditional forms of advertising like giving speeches, demonstrations, and distributing pamphlets. The benefits to becoming a brand ambassador can range from monetary compensation to free products.

Brand ambassadors are often found in customer service, marketing and public relations. They’re seen wearing company logos at events, handing out flyers to advertise a product or talking about the benefits of a certain good or service. In order for this type of advertising to be as effective as possible, it’s important that brand ambassadors have an adequate understanding of your product or company. That means finding the right staffing agency, and ensuring the quality and training of the ambassadors is on point.

Why should you hire brand ambassadors for your company, brand or product?

1.Hiring great brand ambassadors can help to increase sales by demonstrating the features and uses of a product.

2. They can provide exceptional customer service in person at trade shows or other events, freeing up your team to close the sales.

3. They are masters at increasing donations on site for gala or charity functions.

4. Execute in-person surveys or provide feedback on a product to help with ongoing changes and improvements.

5. To make the brand visible at community events, like parades or festivals.

6. A great way for companies to promote their products through word of mouth advertising by having happy customers talking about them.

7. To increase the diversity of your team by having a wide range of different ethnicities, abilities, expertise and much more.

8. To increase social media exposure. Hiring brand ambassadors with large social media followings means you can get an influencer and brand ambassador in one. Ask the agency you’re working with for ambassadors that have large followings already.

Want to learn more about how brand ambassadors can benefit you? Contact us today!

Hire Event Staff New York City

Hire Event Staff New York City

5-Steps to Hiring the Best Event Staff in New York City

Many people think that event staff is a luxury. However, if you want to host the best possible events, then it’s absolutely essential. The key to hiring great event staff is understanding what processes and qualities you should be looking for when selecting a staffing agency. To help, we’ve created this blog post outlining 5 steps to hiring the best event staff in New York City!

1.Do your research on the agency . Take the time to read reviews and testimonials. The best event staff agencies will have a solid reputation in the industry, so be sure that you check them out!

2. Ask for samples of their roster of event staff . If the agency is working with your budget, then it’s definitely worth asking for some of their best event staff to come and work at your event.

3. Find one specific to your event. Not all types of events require the same type of staffing. You can find agencies that specialize in just one area, or you might want several different ones depending on what kind of event you

4. Be specific about your needs . A good staffing agency will have a variety of event staff to meet all sorts of budgets and requirements, so don’t be afraid to ask for the services you need!

5. Check out the contract before signing it with an agency. Make sure that everything is spelled out in detail.

Hiring great event staff can take your event or product launch to the next level, increasing sales, brand awareness and much more. Take the time to find the best agency suited to your needs.

For more information, contact our team today on 646-452-9396 or info@femmefatalemedia.com.

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Promotional Models For Your Events In 2021: Why You Need Them

In 2021, promotional models will be a huge part of marketing events. In fact, they may be the key to your success in this field. The best way to get noticed among competitors is with unique and creative promotional models that go beyond traditional marketing methods. If you want more people coming to your event, then it’s time for you to hire promotional models!

The top reasons you need to hire promotional models for your event success this year!

#1 : Hiring promotional models will increase your event’s attendance

The best way to get noticed among competitors is with unique and creative promotional models that go beyond traditional marketing methods. If you want more people coming to your event, then it’s time for you to hire a team of passionate promotional models! If you hire models that already have a large social following, you can have them promote the event leading up to it expanding the exposure.

#2 : Hiring promotional models will display your event as top-quality

When you hire a team of promotional models, it shows the attendees that this is an upscale and high quality event. You may have more people attending with the assumption that there are celebrities or elite guests in attendance because they see these beautiful women walking around wearing designer clothing!

#3 : Hiring promotional models will show that you’re innovative

When your event is exceptional and stands out from the rest, then people are more likely to want to attend. With a team of creative and talented women and men showcasing your products on social media and in real life, it creates buzz for what’s in store at the event! You’ll be able to achieve this by hiring the right talent from the right agency.

# 4 : Hiring promotional models will show that you’re open-minded

When your event is inclusive and diverse, then more people are likely to want to attend. These new demographics of attendees don’t feel as excluded from the experience because they see a team of girls talking about makeup or boys promoting fitness products!

Hire promo models for your next event, product launch, fashion show or marketing campaign. Contact us today for more information at info@femmefatalemedia.com!

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Not Everyone’s Piece of Low Calorie Cake: Bare Truth on Promotional Modeling.

There’s one side to life as a promotional model that people see. That side is the stuff dreams are made of. From the travel to the chance to meet interesting people and earn a living at the same time, the glamour can appear intoxicating. Along with these wonderful benefits, there is another side to this type of modeling. Do you think that you have what it takes to be a promotional model? Read on and find out.

Lots of Stamina

Few people outside the industry understand the physical demands associated with this type of work. Promotional models often work unusually long hours. It’s not just about the time spent working at the event itself. There’s the need to get up early for fittings, makeup, and going over the details of what is expected in terms of promoting and presenting a product. Before the first guest arrives and it’s time to smile and greet people, the model has been up and running for several hours.

There’s also the aftermath of an event. The models don’t go back to their rooms once the show is over. There’s still debriefing that must be done, discussions about strategies for the event coming up tomorrow, and many other details to settle. Anyone who is not able to keep up with the pace would do well to seek employment in another field.

Handling Rejection

There has never been a model who is right for every type of event. For every project that a professional earns, there will be several that go nowhere. The decision to not hire a particular model can be based on all sorts of factors. Perhaps the model is too tall, too short, doesn’t project the look that the client wants, or lacks some quality that is considered essential in the minds of those putting the event together.

It would be easy to become discouraged after receiving several rejections in a row. Those who succeed are the ones who develop a thicker skin and manage the rejection with grace. Models who develop this trait are often rewarded in terms of finding a niche in the industry and building a reputation that helps them connect with the right type of client.

Flexibility in the Workplace

Models who have worked as brand ambassadors understand that even the most detailed of plans are subject to change. At the last moment, it may be necessary to change or even discard some aspect of the promotion and go with something a little different. The successful model is able to accept the change, focus on getting the new arrangement down to a science before the show, and make it seem as if the sudden change was part of the plan all along.

Individuals who find it hard to roll with sudden changes are not suited for this type of work. It would be better to seek a career that tends to be more predictable.

The bottom line is that promotional modeling is not for everyone. It takes a person with with a great deal of determination, stamina, and an ability to adapt in order to make it in this industry. Are you that type of person? If so, contact an agency and start building your career today.

Get Hyped for Paris Fashion Week!

Few events inspire the anticipation and fun associated with Paris Fashion Week. As an annual happening that brings the world the best and latest from a number of top designers, followers of women’s fashion will make it a point to be there or at least follow along online. While only time will tell what wonders will be revealed as this year’s lines from each designer are presented, there are already some indications of what to expect.

Fringe Lovers Unite

There will definitely be fringe found in several lines. One that has caught the eye of fashion fans already is found in the line designed by Balmain. Using earth tones, the breezy feel of the fringe is a world apart from the fringed tops and gowns that were so prominent in decades like the Sixties and the Nineties. The graceful lines, off the shoulder necklines, and the fringe come together to create a look that is completely contemporary, elegant, and also a lot of fun.

Boots Abound

Many designers are also presenting designs that include the use of knee-high boots. While these were not exactly the darlings of the fashion world for a few years, the offerings at this Fashion Week should restore the demand for them. Several of Rick Owen’s designs feature these boots, and more than one offering from Balmain also includes this type of accessory.

Black is Once Again the New Black

Most NYC models know that having a little black dress in the closet is a must. It can be dressed up or down for just about any occasion. While black has never completely been away from Fashion Week, it’s making a strong comeback this year. No one does it better than traditional designers like Chanel and Christian Dior, but don’t overlook the contributions of Alexis Mabille and others who bring a fresh and new approach to combining black with other elements to create designs ideal for everything from a formal dinner to an evening out with friends.

Accessories Are Out in Force

Anyone who thought that hats and other types of headwear were passe is in for a surprise. Throughout the week, there will be designs on hand that prove it’s possible to create a unified look from head to toe. While some of the designs may startle more traditional tastes, others will revel in the inspirations behind some of the designs.

There will also be interesting options for handbags, clutches, and jewelry to accent the designs. Trusted names like Louis Vuitton will definitely have a say in what works and what doesn’t this season. Plan on some surprises from other designers that could make you rethink your sense of fashion.

You can bet that modelling agency owners, models, and others who are interested on being in the forefront of the fashion scene will be watching each of the scheduled for the week. With something for every occasion, the designs and their creators are ready to ensure women have the chance to make a fashion statement that will not soon be forgotten.

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These 5 Tips Will Make You an Event Staffing Pro!

When charged with the task of hiring staff to cover an event, it pays to know what you are doing. Ultimately, the right staff will ensure that everything goes smoothly and those in attendance have a great time. While you may be a little unsure of how to go about managing the task of event staffing to best advantage, these five tips will help you pull it off and emerge looking as if you’ve been handling staffing for years.

Including Traits Like Personality and Education in the Job Description

While there are different skills needed for various tasks during the event, it pays to look beyond things like knowing how to carry a serving platter or opening a door. Always include specifics about what type of personality those who will be circulating among the guests must possess. Ideally, you want people who are outgoing, find it easy to talk with strangers, and can keep a smile on their face no matter what.

In terms of education, it helps to have someone who knows how to speak properly, grasps any jokes or casual conversation that the guests make, and in general knows enough about the world to not become ruffled by any topic that may arise. This is especially important if some for hosts and hostesses who are at the event to serve as brand ambassadors for a specific company. Everything they say or do must convey a positive image of that business.

Experience Will Tell

There are times when taking a chance of someone with less experience is fine. At other times, it will be the kiss of death. When talking with an agency about staff, be clear about the need to only assign people who have worked similar events and know what they will be expected to do. That will make it easier to brief them on the specifics of this event and know they can handle their assignments with ease.

A Cohesive Staff

It’s not enough that everyone knows what they are supposed to do. Every person who will be working at the event must be able to cooperate with one another. Make sure everyone knows how to function as a team and not as a collection of individuals. Should something unexpected arise during the event, a cohesive staff will come together, handle the issue, and make sure the bulk of the guests never know about the crisis.

Additional Staff is a Must

There is no such thing as having too many on staff. Always go over the details for the evening and make sure there are at least 10% more staff on hand than you think is necessary. Rest assured those additional staff members will find ways to make themselves useful. The wisdom of this approach will be readily apparent if an important guest wants to have a prolonged discussion with one of the company ambassadors and someone else needs to be near the point of entry to greet newly arrives guests.

Use the Entire Budget

When the plan is to build a brand, don’t leave money on the table. This is not the time to cut corners. Use it all and make sure the setting, the staff, and every other detail is perfect.

Start the planning today by checking into options for hostesses in NYC and go from there. It won’t take long to come up with the right plan for staffing and know that everything will work out fine.

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Think You Have What It Takes to Be a Professional Model?

There are people who think all it takes to be a professional model is the desire. In fact, models have to possess certain skills and have a natural inclination for this type of work. Before you decide to quit your current job and start seeking help from an agency, here are some questions you need to ask yourself. 

How’s That Self-Confidence? 

Models must be able to exude an air of self-confidence. Whether the assignment is a photo shoot, modeling new fashions at a show, or working as a host or hostess at some type of corporate event, you have to remain cool, calm, and collected no matter what sort of chaos is going on around you. While it’s possible to cultivate self-confidence up to a point, there must be a sense of believing in your abilities to make it in order to truly fit in the modeling world. 

Poise and Education Matter 

Many of the assignments that models take on involve more than looking great in clothing. There is the need to know how to stand properly, how to walk properly, and even how to speak properly. Simply put, many agencies will not hire models who show no signs of breeding and taste. It’s up to you to educate yourself so that you know what sort of facial expression is right for an ad campaign, how to interact with important people at social gatherings, and in general how to build a reputation for being able to be a success in multiple settings. 


No matter how hard you work ahead of time, it’s important to realize there is always one more fact you can learn to advance your career. In the modeling profession, there are quite a few clients who have no time for those who think they already know all there is to know. 

Always be open to constructive criticism and put what you learn to good use. Doing so helps build a reputation of being cooperative, a trait that will make you more in demand for publicity events, hospitality staffing, and all sorts of photo shoots. 

Finding Your Niche

There is no such thing as a model who is right for every assignment. That’s why agencies often have a wider range of niche models who are ideal for certain types of assignments. Perhaps your figure or build makes you ideal for modeling swimsuits and promoting those brands. Maybe your niche is modeling clothing suitable for those with more curves and larger frames. You might even be ideal for modeling at a trade show and serving as a spokesperson for a one of the companies exhibiting at the event. Don’t be afraid of taking on projects that are a good fit for what you have to offer. The results can be quite lucrative.

Once you’ve completed your personal inventory and feel you have what it takes to be a model, contact the team at Promotional Models NYC and see what they can do for you. That one contact could be the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

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Keeping on the Right Path: Mistakes to Not Make When Hiring an Event Staffing Service

Mistakes to Not Make When Hiring an Event Staffing Service!

Events come in all sizes and types. From golden anniversary celebrations to conferences attended by thousands, there will be the need to hire event staff. The trick is to find the right service and ensure they can provide all of the support needed. Here are some issues that can be avoided by choosing the right service.

The History of the Service

What sort of events has the service successfully supported in times past? While there are agencies that have an established track record of handling everything from small gatherings to major events held in stadiums, drill things down a little more. Specifically, how much experience does the service have with the type of event you are planning? Avoid firms with little to no experience with similar events and focus on ones that understand your needs to the letter.

How They Screen Staff

The right event staffing service will be perfectly transparent with their methods for screening employees. It pays to ask about the standards they set for the people who will be working at your event. Do they have to possess a certain amount of experience? What about their backgrounds in general? Knowing how staff are selected for your event makes it easier to trust that those choices will serve you well.

Special Requests are Not a Problem

One of the ways that you can torpedo your own event is to not talk with the service personnel about any special needs that must be considered. Do some of the guests have special dietary needs or preferences? How about accommodations at the tables for those with limited mobility or other physical issues? Even little things like making sure the staff are circulating through the main gathering areas and offering trays of food or drink before the mail meal must be worked out in advance. The right service can take these and other special request in stride and come up with the perfect solution.

To Tip or Not To Tip

Always inquire about the policies and procedures related to tipping. Some event planning services discourage this practice since they already compensate their employees well. Others have no hard and fast rules, meaning it’s left up to guests to tip or not tip. Proactively seeking this information makes it easier to pass on to the guests in a discreet manner, and prevents any embarrassing situations from arising between guests who insist on tipping and staff who could get in trouble by accepting those tips.

Those Pesky Payment Arrangements

Different services have their own policies for receiving payment. Some will require a certain amount up front, with the remainder due either at the end of the event or within a specified period afterward. Before sealing the deal, make sure there is no confusion about what will be paid when.

Never hesitate to ask the team at the event service anything that comes to mind. The right service has heard everything before and will have an answer ready. In the end, taking care of details up front makes for a wonderful time for everyone who attends and works at the event.

Our company guarantees your satisfaction if you order corporate event staffing – our managers will do their utmost to make your event blissful!