Corporate Event Staffing

Corporate Event Staffing

Want to kick your corporate event up a notch? Want to make your next product launch, trade show, or charity fundraiser a hit with your attendees? Here’s straightforward way to do that: hire the lovely ladies of Promotional Models NYC. These corporate event staff know how to interact with your attendees in a way that gets your audience excited about your event. They make your event much more memorable than it would have otherwise been.

How’s that for a great corporate event?

Promotional Models NYC has earned quite a good reputation for having excellent staffing services – and, of course, our years of experience in event staffing will always be working in your favor. So, when it’s time to roll out your next corporate event, you’ll have the confidence that actually, yes, your event will make a big splash. And that, to be sure, will be quite good for you and your company – especially when it means a solid return on your investment.

Because Promotional Models NYC has quite a stellar reputation, some of the world’s most prestigious brands – Napoleon, Sony, Playboy, Warner Bros., and so on – have chosen to use Promotional Models NYC’s personnel for their events. Hey, even the UFC has decided to use our models – so how’s that for a knockout reputation?

If you wish to learn more about how our corporate event staffing team can help you out – making your event an all-around success – simply call us now at 646-452-9396 or email us at!

Promotional Models NYC is a division of Femme Fatale Media Group.

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