Stags & Stagettes

Stags & Stagettes

So there you are. You’re planning a stag or stagette, and you’re stressing out just a bit because you want this to be the greatest party ever.


Well, stress out no more! Femme Fatale Media has a sterling track-record for planning crazy-popular stags and stagettes. The experts at Femme Fatale Media will plan all the little details of your party so you can relax full-well knowing that people will absolutely love the party. Our world-class servers and gorgeous, energetic models will give your party all the attention it deserves. Not only will your guests be charmed by Femme Fatale Media’s models, but you will also have more time to take care of other matters while we plan the party out. Let us make your stag or stagette memorable…the kind that won’t be forgotten for years and years.

Ready to take your party to the next level? Call us today and let’s talk about your needs for a stag or stagette to add that something special to your event. All it takes to get started is calling 646-452-9396. By the end of that first conversation, you’ll know that we have what it takes to provide the support that you crave!

Need Help Planning Your Stag or Stagette?

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