Model & Talent Management

Model & Talent Management

What sort of project do you have in the works? Maybe you have plans for a new series of television commercials. Maybe models for a music video are what you have in mind. How about models that make your print and editorial ad campaigns leave the competition in the dust? Whether you need talent for use in a film or the right models to grace your fashion show, we have you covered.

Our models have more than the right look. They also have the talent and the expertise to go along with it. Think about the advertising and campaigns for such luminaries as DEA Swimwear and Playboy. Now think about the models you’ve seen gracing the runways during Calvin Klein events. That’s what you get with us.

The combination of looks, poise, and charm made our models instant hits at TIFF’s black-tie events. Leading lights in the music industry have also been impressed with the professionalism of our models at their industry parties. Imagine having models for your project that have made parties for Priority Records and Sony Music all the more entertaining. Think about models who know how to mingle with celebrities like Drake, Snoop Dogg, and Justin Bieber. Now consider what they could do to make your next event memorable!

At Promotional Models NYC, we provide a level of excellence that exceeds what you will find elsewhere. We understand what it’s like to work under a deadline, ensure everything is perfect and comply with industry standards that require attention to every detail. Rest assured we can take on your project and manage it with efficiency, style, and grace.

Make use of our remarkable track record and long list of credentials. We know that our team will exceed your expectations. Call us today at 646-452-9396 and let’s talk about your next media event, runway show, or cast party. Everything will be settled faster than you thought possible.

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