Corporate Event Planning

Brand ambassadors are helpful in a number of settings. When used to best advantage, they can grace an event and present a company and its goods and services in a positive light. The result is that more consumers recognize the brand, feel some degree of affinity with it, and are more likely to become customers.

When participating in some type of business event, choosing to hire models to serve as ambassadors makes a lot of sense. Here are some of the ways that these professionals will provide important support in those settings.

At Business Parties

When clients come to town, business parties are a wonderful way to socialize with one another and show off what the area has to offer. As the food and drink circulate, those models can make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Models are adept at managing social situations, including helping a client who may feel a little out of place to be at home. The fact that the model is briefed in advance about what the company offers and is in a position to tactfully introduce topics of conversation that help to call attention to the brand certainly doesn’t hurt.

Even if the party is connected with some type of chamber event, the right ambassador can help build rapport with others in the business community. That rapport can turn into partnerships with other companies that offer compatible services. For example, a model who is on the lookout for pairing people with similar interests will understand that introducing someone who sells teleconferencing to someone who sells blast faxing just might end up being a profitable situation and a means of raising brand awareness for everyone.

At Trade Shows

It’s not enough to rent space and set up an exhibit at trade shows. Motivating people to visit the exhibit and hang around long enough to learn about the product line is essential. Instead of grabbing people as they walk by, why not hire models in NYC who can circulate through the crowd and tell people more about everything you have to show them?

Those models can wear promotional garb as one way to capture attention. They can also have giveaway items that pique the interest of show attendees and let them know more goodies await at the exhibit. It won’t take long for a lot of people to decide dropping by the booth is something they want to do sooner rather than later.

At Industry Conferences

Industry conferences provide the chance to reach out to more prospective customers who could use what the company offers but wants a provider who understands their business needs. If a client invites you to participate at such a conference, make sure to contact an agency and discuss options for event staffing in New York. A model or two who can make the rounds and spread the word about your presence will make it easier to obtain introductions, strike up conversations, and possibly pave the way for long lasting business relationships.

Remember that being an ambassador calls for the ability to move around the event with confidence and determination. Successful models know how to make the most of these settings and cultivate the ideal impression for your business. Try using a couple at your next event and see what happens. You won’t be disappointed.

January 4, 2017

Invite Models to Be Your Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are helpful in a number of settings. When used to best advantage, they can grace an event and present a company and its goods […]